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  • 21st Century Schools
    It is the position of 21st Century Schools that the current educational system in the United States is in need of total restructuring. This restructuring must occur on all levels simultaneously, and cannot be accomplished with bits and pieces of reform here and there.
  • Armstrong, Thomas Ph.D. Home Page
    Thomas Armstrong worked under Howard Gardner at Harvard's Project Zero and is a fabulous trainer on multiple intelligences. His provocative and controversial book on the "myth of ADD/ADHD_ is available here.
  • Bay Area Mosaic
    A lesson about "Families: Different and the Same", highlighting GLBT issues.
  • Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.,
    Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., is the largest provider of trademarked tools to help teachers learn and work with Myers-Briggs learning styles in their classrooms. Materials for professional development and teacher training are available here.
  • Curveball
    Steve Gould's New Yorker review of Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve Nov. 28, '94.
  • Differentiated Instruction
    CAST is well known in the Special Education world (see SPED references in section below), and is especially worth checking out for their work on assistive technology. Here is an excellent overview of classroom best practices in Differentiated Instruction.
  • Differentiated Instruction
    This Teach-Nology site for educators has links to a good number of ERIC research articles on Differentiated Instruction.
  • Diversity in the Classroom: A Checklist
    This checklist is designed to help teachers and other educators to effectively identify and respond to diversity in the classroom. It focuses on various aspects of the classroom environment, including curriculum materials, teaching strategies and teacher/student behaviors.
  • Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure
    The goal of Engaging People In Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC) is to build human capacity by creating awareness of the opportunities afforded through cyberinfrastruture(CI) and by educating and training a diverse group of people in all stages of life from K-12 to professional practice to fully participate in the CI community as developers, users, and leaders.
  • Equity Benchmarks for VT
    To facilitate the implementation of equitable learning environments in Vermont, the VISMT Equity Advisory Committee developed Benchmarks for schools and districts.
  • Fog Watch: The New Racist Onslaught
    Edward Herman, "Fog Watch: New Racist Onslaught,_ on The Bell Curve and popular reception of it.
  • Gregorc Associates, INC.
    A learning styles model that some teachers find easier to learn and apply to the classroom since there are fewer types than the Myers-Briggs model. Assessment tools help define your thinking modality along two continuums: abstract to concrete thought, and random to sequential.
  • Human Nature: Born or Made
    The article Human Nature: Born or Made, by Mine Aysen Doyran (March 2000) is an excellent survey of various writings on sociobiology and human biological, neurological, and intellectual differences.
  • If Those Were Racial Slurs, Teachers Would be Stopping Them
    Developed by the Safe Schools Coalition, this is a 4-page pdf document about verbal harassment of GLBTQ students.
  • Institute for Democracy, Education, & Access
    Oakes' Institute for Democracy, Education, & Access runs projects including an Urban Educator Network, Teachers as Agents of Equity and Change, and an Educational Justice Collaborative. Oakes, Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality (Yale University Press, 1985) and her many more recent articles and books including Educational Matchmaking (1992).
  • Institute for the Study of Academic Racism (ISAR)
    The Institute for the Study of Academic Racism is a long-standing organization of academics and researchers. Top pick articles include Garland Allen's "Science Misapplied: The Eugenics Age Revisited,_ that surveys the history of eugenics.
  • Jensen Learning Corporation: Brain Research Applied to Learning
    Eric Jensen, along with the Caines are probably the two most well respected brain-based learning educators. The Jensen Learning Corporation site has a good "brain-based learning quiz_ and a well-written defense of applying brain science for improved learning and teaching and reaching all students.
  • Project Zero
    Project Zero at Harvard University was started by Howard Gardner and is the research and application arm for multiple intelligence theory. Their research projects are fully described and quite interesting and informative.
  • Racism Resurgent: How Media Let The Bell Curve's Pseudo-Science Define the Agenda on Race
    "Racism resurgent_ by Jim Nauekas on how media uncritically praised pseudo-scientific racism of Bell Curve. From Extra!.
  • Teaching in mixed-ability classrooms
    A good "first article_ on differentiated instruction, first developed as a method to effectively reach all children in heterogeneous, mixed-ability classrooms, then later co-opted as a "best practice_ in the worlds of Special Education and Gifted and Talented education.
  • The Forgotten History of Eugenics
    "The Forgotten History of Eugenics_ by Alan Stoskepf. (of Facing history and Ourselves) From Rethinking Schools.
  • The Mismeasure of Man
    Excellent and brief review-summary of Gould's The Mismeasure of Man, a "must-read_ for any educator interested in the history of IQ and intelligence testing and the legacy of inequalities that lives on today.
  • The Politics of Biological Determinism
    "Politics of biological Determinism_ Winter 1999 condensed from Mismeasure of Man survey for educators by Rethinking Schools.
  • The Tracking Wars
    A full-text version of the pro-tracking book by the right-wing Brookings Institute (The Tracking Wars: State Reform Meets School Policy, Tom Loveless, 1999). Note that this book could not get published by an objective academic press.
  • Tracking & Ability Grouping
    Review of Research on Tracking .