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  • Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms
    This handbook describes the aspects of culture that researchers believe contribute to attrition from science, engineering and math majors, and there are suggestions to address each of these issues. If implemented, these changes may prevent very capable students from leaving the sciences and may also attract students initially not involved in the sciences.
  • Association for Women in Computing
    The Association for Women in Computing is a non-profit professional organization for women and men who have an interest in information and technology and wish to advance women in the technology fields.
  • Association for Women in Mathematics
    AWM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging women and girls in the mathematical sciences. Website contains biographies, forums, awards, scholarships and other resources.
  • Association for Women in Science
    AWIS is dedicated to achieving equity and full participation for women in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Website has information about a scientist of the month, mentoring, scholarships, book reviews and forum.
  • Biographies of Women Scientists
    Biographies of women scientists and related activities.
  • Black Women in Mathematics
    Website contains the history of Black women in math, biographies, role models who are mathematicians and articles about Black women in math.
  • Center for Women and Information Technology
    Website contains numerous resources for increasing the number of women in technology.
  • Committee on Women in Science and Engineering
    The purpose of CWSE is to coordinate, monitor, and advocate action to increase the participation of women in science and engineering.